Next Generation Leaders

Connecting, inspiring, supporting


Next Generation Leaders

Connecting, inspiring, supporting

What We Are

The Women of the Future Summit brings together innovators of today and tomorrow to explore the evolving values relevant to the next generation of leaders. We aim to inspire and energise the leaders of tomorrow and create a supportive global forum for them.


WOF Summit Part of “Week of Women”

In 2016 the Women of the Future Programme once again worked alongside the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Wilton Park to support a number of initiatives during a “week of women” from 13-18 November 2016. A series of events were hosted, that brought together future women leaders, from across the world.


The Women of the Future Summit attract's such interesting people and then brings them together in a way that really creates something great.

Penny Scott-Bayfield, Condé Nast

The event was life-affirming. A breath of fresh air!

Nicole Raphael-Gleissner, Worldpay

It was great to have the chance to hear from some amazing speakers, but for me the biggest thing was to be able to lift my head from my day job and be able to hear about far wider and bigger subjects. I just found the whole thing thought provoking and very inspiring.

Paula Pearson, Aviva

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