The 2021 Agenda

Nourishing our next-generation leaders

This year’s Women of the Future Summit is dedicated to giving next-generation female leaders a boost of energy and support, recognising that we have all been digging deep for a long time through the Covid-19 pandemic and its knock-on consequences. Our aim is to be deeply practical, sharing insight, inspiration and connections that can accelerate delegates’ leadership journey and support their personal wellbeing.

The Programme
Opening and welcome from our host
09.05 - 09.10
Welcome address by Pinky Lilani CBE DL, Founder of Women of the Future Programme
09.10 - 09.15
Welcome address by Andy McGowan, Senior Managing Director and Accenture Operations COO
09.15 - 09.20
Introducing this year’s theme – Jules Chappell OBE
Session One: Re-broadening our perspectives

In times of stress and complexity, it can be very natural for our perspectives to narrow. Yet the ability to take a step back is a key element of great leadership. Session One is aimed at helping us re-broaden the way in which we think and, in turn, giving us a greater chance of coming up with a fresh and creative angle that adds value.

09.20 - 10.00
Opening keynote speech

By Professor Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development, University of Oxford and author of Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World.

Questions from the audience.

Your questions

Over to you: this session is led entirely by questions from the audience – a chance to ask about some of the important issues of the day. 

  • Tabitha Goldstaub, Co-founder at CogX, Chair of the UK Government’s Artificial Intelligence Council, author of How to Talk to Robots
  • Michael Pellman Rowland, Partner and Head of Impact Investments at Baseline Wealth Management, Forbes contributor on sustainable food
  • Michel Rentenaar, Ambassador of Netherlands to Iraq; former Advisor to  the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO; former Climate Envoy and Director for Climate, Energy, Environment and Water; former Director of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Uruzgan, Afghanistan
Pressure under perspective

A panel of leaders share their advice and experience.

11.20 - 11.45
Session Two: Meeting people who want to help

The Women of the Future Programme connects next-generation female leaders from around the world and has done so for 15 years, supported by an extraordinary network of sponsors, partners and allies. At this year’s summit, we want to share the power of this network with our delegates, curating practical conversations about some of the immediate or longer-term challenges faced by our summit attendees.

11.145 – 12.15
Welcome back and small group sessions

Delegates join their chosen session for a small group conversation. The four session categories are:

Leadership: meet global leaders, coaches and neuroscientists who can deepen your understanding of great leadership.

Raising money: meet global investors, financiers and accelerators who can advise you on how to navigate the system. 

Finding new business: meet global entrepreneurs and senior business people who have developed their tricks of the trade.

Raising awareness: meet journalists, expert campaigners and marketers who can advise you on your strategy. 


    Small group sessions two

    Delegates join their second conversation group for the final session of the day. The four session categories are:

    Leadership: meet global leaders, coaches and neuroscientists who can deepen your understanding of great leadership.

    Personal impact, networking and public speaking: meet super-connectors and thought leaders who can help you shine. 

      Negotiating: meet trained negotiators from different walks of life for advice on securing the best outcome.

      Managing change: meet the experts who advise leaders on navigating their teams through complexity and disruption.

      Close of day 1
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