The 2019 Agenda

Beyond AI – what next for human empathy?

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, enabling machines to carry out many of the analytical and routine skills that humans have traditionally taken care of, so our irreplaceable human ability to empathise and connect with other human beings will become more important. With the rapid development of virtual reality, these skills will also be easier to develop, creating the potential for a step-change in the way that humans understand each other. At this year’s Women of the Future Summit, we will explore the coming ‘Age of Empathy’. How will it change the way that we learn, work and run businesses? What does it mean for us individually and how can we get ahead of the game?

Timings for the day
08:30 – 09:00
9.00- 09.15
Welcome addresses
Session one

What is the potential for technology that allows us to see and feel beyond reality, stepping into the shoes of others or another world completely? How will this technology change us?

Our opening session gets us up to speed on the development of experiential technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. How far has the technology already come and what will we see in the next five years? What do those working day-to-day at the heart of these technologies see as the risks and opportunities as these technologies become integrated into our lives and societies?

10.50 – 11.20
Coffee break and networking
Session two

If we can use technology to better understand each other’s lives and points of view, what might this mean for our society? Will it change the way we behave? Will it change the way that leaders behave? Are we on the verge of an empathy revolution?

We hear from leaders in business and politics before handing over the discussion to our delegates, who will discuss in their tables with experts from the Women of the Future network, including our former award winners as well as partners such as Accenture, the Saïd Business School, Financial Times, CNBC and the Foreign Office.

13:10 – 14.10
Lunch and networking
Session three

What does this mean for me and how can I best prepare for the changes that are coming?

We focus on the practical development of empathy and how we can use these skills to have a positive impact and influence.

Session four

Final Reflections

We end our day with inspiring individual stories and tips for success from those who have experienced an extreme or unusual perspective on the world and who have harnessed the power of empathy first hand.

Final thoughts
Summit closes
Every year, in the evening of the same day, we hold the Women of the Future Awards ceremony, recognising the achievements of successful young women in Britain today. Attendance to the Awards is not included in the Summit delegate place but you can purchase a separate ticket to attend.
Attendees Week of Women 2016
Melanie Richards, Summit 2015
Sir John Sawers and Roula Khalaf Summit 2016
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Summit attendees
Summit attendees
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