The 2023 Agenda

Corporates to the rescue?

This year, we focus on the critical role that major businesses are playing in driving both ambition and action to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. As international political systems struggle with the weight of multiple global crises, we consider how, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, business is now ‘the sole institution seen as competent and ethical’. Which companies are shaping the world for good? Whose inspiring us? How can we get involved? And how do we call out toxic behaviour and influence harmful practices where they still exist?

The Programme
Our opening session sets the scene for the day’s discussion

If the world’s wealthiest companies were countries, five would make it into the top 15 economies. Apple has roughly the same size economy as that of India or the UK and multinationals such as Unilever operate in nearly every country around the world. Companies have the ability to shape our desires, norms and expectations. Much of the innovation to develop new technologies is in their hands and they are working both with and without regulators to define our future. Our first session digs into the opportunities and risks that these corporate powerhouses bring to the world.

Registration, breakfast, refreshments.
Welcome by our host
09.15 - 09.25
Introduction to this this year’s theme and agenda
09.25 - 09.55
Opening fireside chat

Opening conversation to explore progress against the Sustainable Development Goals and some of the major corporate-led initiatives making a difference in the world. Jules Chappell in conversation with the Managing Director of Project Everyone, Piers Bradford

9.55 - 10:45
Your questions.

Over to you! Each of our panellists will offer opening thoughts on the role of corporates in leading global transformation. Our host, Isabel Berwick, editorial lead for the Financial Times Women in Business Forum and host of the Financials Times ‘Working it’ podcast, will then lead a dialogue with our panel, moderating questions from the audience via Slido.

10:45 - 11:15

Soul Patel, Founder, Thrive Ventures, explains the changing role and nature of companies within the context of shifting geopolitical, financial and technological forces. Expect to come away with a better understanding of Web 3, and how the way we organise ourselves around work, creativity and purpose will change in the coming decade.

Break and networking
Our second session moves onto our masterclasses for personal development

In this session, we get down to the practicalities, focusing on some of the skills we need to help us on our leadership journeys. Delegates are split into three groups to allow conversation in small groups and time to engage with their masterclass leads.

11:45 - 12:45

Top tips on leadership, including go-to exercises for moments of pressure and overwhelm, and how to call out toxic behaviour in life and the workplace.

Three concurrent masterclasses led by:

12:45 - 13:45
Lunch and Networking
13:45 - 14:30
Lessons in Leadership

For five years, Former UK Ambassador Tom Fletcher CMG advised British Prime Ministers Blair, Brown and Cameron on foreign policy. He asked the many global leaders he met along the way to write a short piece of advice in a book for his young son. In this session, he’ll share the advice he received and the lessons he learned on his own leadership journey.

Our final session aims to leave delegates on a high

Our final session aims to leave delegates on a high, as they hear from inspiring keynote speakers who will share the challenges they have overcome in their lives and their advice for delegates.

15:05 - 15:55
Our Last Sesssion

Our host, Vanessa Madu, Women of the Future award winner, PhD student in Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning at Imperial College London, speaks to three extraordinary leaders on the challenges they have overcome, their ambitions for the future and the advice that has helped them get to where they are.

Questions from the audience.

Final thoughts by host, Karen Tso

Feedback via Slido. The opportunity for our delegates to tell us what has been valuable and suggestions for topics or speakers who they would like to see in 2024. Please give us your views – we are guided by what you tell us and really appreciate your feedback.

Drinks reception hosted by Pernod Ricard

A final chance to meet each other and some of our speakers, partners and sponsors, while enjoying time to relax and reflect on the day.

Summit ends
Break and networking
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