The 2018 Programme
The Agenda: Harnessing the power of trust
Technology has given us access to more knowledge than ever before and is empowering employees, investors and consumers alike to shape the values and priorities of those they support. However, transparency is also eating away at our confidence in institutions, from political organisations and corporations to the media and charities, with 2018 described as a time ‘of stagnant distrust’ by the global Edelman Trust barometer. In this context, our Summit analyses how technology will evolve the information and intelligence we have in our reach. We will consider who and what we will trust in the future and what this means for leadership.
Timings for the day
08:15 – 08:45
08:45- 09.00
Welcome addresses 
09:00 – 10.20
Session one: How are information and intelligence changing?
Our opening session gets us up to speed on how levels of trust are changing around the world. We focus in on the innovation driving fundamental change to the way in which we understand the world around us – from artificial intelligence and machine learning to the changing nature of the news and storytelling.
10.20 – 10.50
Break and networking
10:50 – 11.35
Session one continued
11:35 – 13.00
Session two: What does this mean for me?
Our second session will give delegates time to reflect on key learnings from session one and to discuss what resonates for them individually.
13:00 – 14.00
Lunch and networking
14.00 – 15:55
Session Three: Reflections on trust
Our final session reflects on the importance of trust, the values that engender it and the lessons for leaders who want and need to build it. Our speakers share advice for navigating a world in which we may now look less to traditional institutions and hierarchies for progress, and more to those around us for inspiration, support and guidance.
The final word from our host
Close of the Summit
Every year, in the evening of the same day, we hold the Women of the Future Awards ceremony, recognising the achievements of successful young women in Britain today. Attendance to the Awards is not included in the Summit delegate place but you can purchase a separate ticket to attend.
Attendees Week of Women 2016
Melanie Richards, Summit 2015
Sir John Sawers and Roula Khalaf Summit 2016
Summit attendees
Summit attendees
Summit attendees
Viola Llewellyn, Summit 2015