The 2024 Agenda

Human leadership in an AI world

This year, across a week-long festival, we will focus on the world’s transition to an era of powerful, new technologies and what this will mean for the next generation of leaders. What will leadership look like in an era of significant artificial intelligence, virtual collaboration and the next iteration of the internet? How will this technological change affect our work as leaders, our teams and our communities? Will leadership skills change and if so, which skills will become most valuable?


What to expect
Delegates will be able to dip into a mixture of content and live sessions over the week, meeting fascinating speakers as well as fellow young, women leaders from around the region. Key components of the festival include:
· Delve into our bank of conversations with leaders from around the world who will share how new technologies will affect our world in the coming 5-10 years, and the implications that they see for the next generation of leaders.
· Feast on our series of short leadership tips from leaders from all walks of life who share the stories and nuggets of advice that have proved most meaningful to them on their leadership journey.
· Join speakers for live Q&A sessions, giving you the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics that you found most interesting from our insights database.
· Take advantage of our leadership masterclasses – smaller groups of delegates for a deep dive with experts into critical leadership skills (from impact and public speaking to developing trust, authenticity and boundaries).
· Hear from high-level keynote speakers who are creating extraordinary and positive impact in the world.
· Meet your fellow delegates in curated chatrooms and enjoy the chance to bounce your thoughts off other young women leaders from across the region as you discuss your take-aways from the various sessions.
Attendees Week of Women 2016
Melanie Richards, Summit 2015
Sir John Sawers and Roula Khalaf Summit 2016
Summit attendees
Summit attendees
Summit attendees
Viola Llewellyn, Summit 2015